Too Too Tuesdays

Too Too Tuesdays

Come learn different battle and hop out techniques. During my class I teach all my students how to stay focus and always have a positive attitude. Battling can always get challenging and you have to focus on your opponent. We practice hard so when it’s time to go on the dance floor they have nothing to worry about .

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Hoop Dance Fundamentals and Flow



Hoop Dance: Fundamentals and Flow is a combination of yoga, hula-hooping, meditation & intuitive dance. The class starts off with a centering activation and after we will delve into the fundamentals of hula-hooping. As skills are mastered, a flow develops. The circle (a.k.a. the hula-hoop) holds space for infinite creativity - I will teach what I know but I’m excited to see the expression we’ll create together!!

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Viral Class

My iDanceBZ Viral Class is not the typical hip hop class, but an experience & chance to be seen all around the world. Students of his class have been seen on The Ellen Show, Iggy, Lil Scrappy, The Rej3ctz, Teeflii, Boogie, AD, Steven G and more. This class builds confidence and promotes team work and unity with group work & freestyle with the hype of students. I break down the basic fundamentals of clowning & I prep them for auditions in entertainment. Overall, this class can be an access to building your child into a future Star.

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