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tommy the clown foundation

501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Charitable Organization

Our Mission is to provide a creative, healthy, and social outlet for inner-city youth to combat misplaced energy that can lead to gang violence, crime, and substance abuse. Through our dance academy, we instill confidence and personal accountability while pushing for success in education and the arts.

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T-SQUAD Testimonials

My name is Eliasha Mitchell better known as N’vy The Clown. I was born in Los Angeles, Ca on November 14 1999. I currently reside in a small area in LA known as Baldwin Hills Village where I grew up all my life. I’m 20 years old, I work a part time job and take online courses at West LA College studying Kinesiology to become and Athletic Trainer. I’ve been dancing since I was a baby, it’s always been my favorite thing to do. In 2017 I graduated from Dorsey High School, leaving wit a 3.7 grade point average and many certificates and awards throughout high school. Thank God I became part of TSQUAD in 2014 because it kept me out of trouble, busy, and gave me an opportunity to be something I never thought I could be. A positive role model for the youth.

I was born in Los Angeles, CA and have been dancing for Tommy the clown since I was 9 years old . I always wanted to dance for Tommy the clown from seeing him at my family’s birthday party’s growing up. Then, finally, my dream came true. Tommy performed at my 5th grade graduation party and the next day he gave my mom a call asking can I be on the squad .I love being a role model to kids all over the world and I love what I do . I am the oldest child out of my family and always try to set an example. I graduated highschool in 2018 and planned on going to Texas southern university  but there were some financial problems  so I stayed home and started working and finishing up what I love to do . Being part of this organization opens up so many doors for me . In Los Angeles, I’m known for “getting off “ and some people call me the “get off Queen.” I love my squad!  Blood couldn’t make us any closer and I appreciate Tommy so much for that.

I grew up with Tommy the Clown. I continued following his clowning/krumpin movement into adulthood. Thirteen years ago,  I was blessed to join TSquad and I haven’t looked back since. Along with being a dancer, I’ve taken on a marketing role within our group. The desire to grow our brand inspired me to pursue higher education. As dancers from the inner-city, some tend to place us in a small box. However, by keeping God first, we’ve managed to produce a national winning cheer team, we’ve toured globally, and we have one of the most viewed and subscribed dance channels on youtube. I enjoy being a positive role model and aspire to make Clowning a career like Tommy.  Having lost loved ones to street violence, I appreciate the positive alternatives that Tommy the Clown has provided for 27 years and counting!


Community through clowning — Tommy aims to keep kids away from violence through dance


Tommy the Clown celebrates 25 years of dancing to make a difference in LA community


A form of therapy to help them cope with the struggles of South Los Angeles.

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